Haidar's Blog from Iraq

5 May 2012

A recent patient came all the way to the clinic from Diywanyia, a city over 50km from Najaf.  70 year old Sabreeya Lafta had rapidly deteriorating sight – having struggled with diabetes for over 20 years, the loss of vision she was experiencing was a result of poor control of the condition.  Sabreeya was in [...]


Bowl-a-thon USA»

The Foundation are delighted to announce our first ever fundraising has come in from the US –  an impressive $860 collected at the Dearborn Heights Bowl-a-Thon.  Many thanks to organiser Sura Hassan who reported ‘”we had over 30 people attend and everyone had a great time!”.  Have a look at the gallery for the latest [...]

Urgent appeal as clinic funds run dry»

The Foundation is launching an urgent appeal to keep the clinic running on a sustainable basis.  We need to move from barely covering the monthly clinic costs to a position where funding is secure throughout 2012.  In response a fundraising drive has been launched to raise a total of £24,000 to fund the clinic for [...]

Orphan screening programme saves 11-year old’s sight»

Hassan Nassir is an 11 year old boy who developed glaucoma in both eyes some two years ago.  A botched operation to treat the glaucoma in the right eye left him blind in the one eye.  The same surgeon advised him to undergo an operation on the remaining (left) eye that still had vision.  Fortunately, [...]